PD Nutrition is a Nutrition and Dietetic Service offering Freelance Dietitians for your nutritional needs. From writing articles, providing information and working with you, your company or your family to enable you to live a healthier life. Our team of Registered Dietitians believes in providing high quality, personal and clear advice about nutrition, diet, and food to improve your health and performance.
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PD Nutrition also offers Reiki Healings to rebalance your body’s energy to help you relax and promote positive health.

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PD Nutrition & Holistic Services offer life coaching sessions to help you achieve your life’s dreams.
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Please take some time to look at my website and see how our company could help you to live a healthier and happier life. 

Here’s what is available for you: 

  • Workplace Health Program 
  • Staff engagement 
  • Strategy Development 
  • Health Skills Workshops 
  • Expert advice on food and nutrition. 
  • Tailored & personal nutrition plans. 
  • Specialist Weight Management Service 
  • Sophrology Program