Take a break

Take a break: How 15 minutes a day can lead to life-changing habits 

Each day we are faced with demands and stresses of work, family, childcare and all too often we can start to neglect ourselves. Sometimes, one of the first areas to suffer is our nutrition; a skipped breakfast, working through lunch and ‘something’ on toast for your evening meal, it’s easily done, but over time it can have a long-term effect on your health. 



These little time efficiencies we afford in order to arrive on time or meet a deadline can conversely lead to physical and emotional inefficiencies caused by tiredness, fatigue, and illness. By creating small, achievable and realistic targets you can start to take control of your habits and behaviors to make a positive difference to your health and nutrition. 

Making an effort to prepare meals in advance and ensuring you take a break during the working day are two simple, but effective ways of helping to give your nutrition that extra boost, replenish your energy levels and will offer the opportunity to de-stress. 


Stepping away from your desk or work office for just 15 minutes can have an immediate and significant reduction in stress levels; just a short walk and a healthy packed lunch a few times a week can quickly develop into a mood enhancing routine, and create positive habits for life. 



Have you missed a meal once or twice this week or just grabbed a quick sandwich whilst you’re at your keyboard and feel like you want some support in changing this, then call PD Nutrition for a FREE consultation to see how we can help you.