Weight Loss Program

Healthy for Life 

Healthy for Life – A NEW 8 Week Weight Loss Program.This NEW program will provide you with information, tools, and skills that will help you lose weight. Developed by Paula Day, a dietitian with over 17years experience has brought this interactive program to you. 

“Changing your lifestyle to lose weight is not just about what we eat or how much we exercise it’s about working with our mind as well so that we can learn new ways to manage our thoughts, allowing the food choices and exercise changes happen to achieve goals. This NEW program includes nutrition, mind & exercise” 

This NEW program includes 8 x 1hr workshops/webinars to work through, an individual assessment of your diet, workbook for you to work through and all resources.
Weekly workshop sessions completed via group if nearby to you or online/webinar link if not able to attend.
Each week we will look at areas for change and be working with the workbook you will agree what you are going to work on. This program uses behavior change approach to achieve weight loss.
Covering subjects on nutrition, exercise and psychological aspects of change.
You will learn new skills to help you manage and have tools to keep you on track to achieving your weight loss goal. 

Areas covered include: 

  • Weight loss on a plate model 
  • Motivation & Focus 
  • Portion Sizes 
  • Fats & Sugar Information 
  • How to combat snacking 
  • Eating Behaviour 
  • Shopping Behaviour 
  • How do you manage stress? 
  • Getting started with exercise 
  • How to find the right exercise for you! 

Interested? For more information contact Paula Day on 07474 727214.